Sangue di Giuda

From Oltrepò Pavese | The Famous Blood Wine

Welcome to the internet home of Sangue di Giuda a sweet red gently sparkling wine. Here we showcase the "Blood Wine" blend and is a resource for the public to find retail stores where it can be bought within the State of Florida for enjoyment. Find A Location Near You. NEW: Buy Online [Not Available]

What is it?

Also known as "Blood of Judas" or more quickly "Blood Wine." A sweet wine, bright ruby red with purplish reflections. Smooth, full bodied, vinous and fruit forward with notes of raspberry and blueberry. Local legend has it that the name "Sangue di Giuda" was given by friars who disapproved of its stimulating and "aphrodisiac" effects. [Not Available] Buy Online


Where is it from?

Oltrepò Pavese is an area of the Province of Pavia, in the north-west Italian region of Lombardy. To the west it is bounded by the well known Province of Alessandria (Piedmont). Oltrepò Pavese is the largest wine producing area of Lombardy and one of the largest in Italy.

Sangue di Giuda is made from Barbera, Croatina ("The Little Croatian Girl"), and Rara Uva (literally, "Rare Grape"). [Not Available] Buy Online